Aug 10, 2007

[Personal] The August Birthday Entries - Set One

Over on my LiveJournal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island, I've been running a special series of entries leading up to my birthday on August 28. For every day for the month of August, I'm writing about various events in my childhood and my past in general that helped define the person that I am today.

It's probably the most I've ever revealed about myself in one go and so far it's been a very fulfilling experience to go through. In case you're interested in learning more about me, I'm providing the links for the first 9 entries and will continue to post them in sets of 9 since that means 3 sets making up the 27 entries. I like threes, hahaha.

So for those who are interested, feel free to read on...

1) 00497: Day One - Memory
2) 00498: Day Two - Peculiarities
3) 00499: Day Three - Create a Lifelong Reader
4) 0049A: Day Four - The Writer
5) 0049B: Day Five - A History of Music
6) 0049C: Day Six - Wherever Home Is...
7) 0049D: Day Seven - Science Fiction Story
8) 0049E: Day Eight - Not Quite a Star
9) 0049F: Day Nine - Computer Geek

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