Jul 1, 2007

[Web] Covering Paris Hilton

TIME Magazine: What Paris Said

Given the whole Paris Hilton fiasco, news coverage has been pretty extensive. It's hardly a worthwhile story, but national interest remains to be there, I guess. On the flip side, there are those that have taken more creative approaches to discussing this story, some more snide and crass than others, hehe.

One of my favorites is this TIME Magazine special multimedia feature of sorts that goes over every word Paris said during her interview with Larry King and determines the frequency of each term. The results are pretty fun and entertaining on their own and it's certainly an unusual way of analyzing Paris self-centered thought-processes.

Another delight is this uploaded video of an MSNBC broadcast where the reporters actually take a stand and choose not to read the originally planned Paris Hilton news item - wicked cool!

This video is currently #1 on the Viral Video Chart, for obvious reasons, hehe.

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