Jul 1, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Musings of a Filipino Lesbian

When the term "gay" is uttered these days, more than half the time are bound to first think of the image of a drag queer in their heads or things along those lines - representing how we tend to associate the term more with male homosexuals. However that is not the case - being gay is about being homosexual and not about being male.

It's with great pleasure that Pinoy Gay Blogs finally has a blogroll member that helps flesh out the fuller definition of the term gay - Musings of a Filipino Lesbian.

Musings of a Filipino Lesbian is a very well thought-out blog that speaks of the keen intellect behind the writing. The blog author, Joy-joy, is a UP graduate, so that help should explain that side of things but beyond that she clearly demonstrates significant skills with the pen (or in this case the keyboard?)

Musings of a Filipino Lesbian is a Blogger-based blog that covers a variety of topics related to LGBT interests. Entries are fairly diverse in tone starting with the light of humorous pieces to deeper social commentaries and hard looks at what's going on these days. She also posts literary pieces of interest.

The blog has been in existence for about a year now and it's more than worth your while to dig through her previous entries to see what she's had to say about a number of different things. If you want to try reading through one of the smartest blogs listed on Pinoy Gay Blogs, then this is certainly one blog more than worth your time.

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