Jul 19, 2007

[Security] A new worm for Apple Macs?

Usually, an apple with a worm is thrown away. What is your Apple has a worm?

The Mac is lucky - it is not a big target for malware authors (but yes, there are malware for Macs). So whenever a malware hits the Mac, it is high-profile news.

So when someone who blogs as InfoSec Sellout announced that he has created a worm for Mac that exploits a vulnerability in OS X, security blogs and Apple fan boys are excited/agitated (in that order).

Here are the links for your perusal:

Besmerking - A Worm for Your Apple
McAfee Avert Labs Blog - Oh Look. An Apple WORM? (read the comments)
Engadget - New OS X vulnerability found: worm released in lab?
Slashdot - Worm Claimed For Apple OS X
Security Information - oh-look-apple-worm (the origin of the so-called worm; Apple fan boys, start flaming)

Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we have to wait and see if this is true or it is just hot air.

Apple users, should you be worried?

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