Jul 23, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Homme Sanctuario

Homme Sanctuario

We follow blogs for a variety of reasons - to find the latest entertainment gossip, to get reviews of movies or books or even to find new friends. There is no limit to the possible reasons we do the things we do and why we favor one site over another.

Recently a lot of the blogs featured on Pinoy Gay Blogs have caught my attention because of how striking their writing has been and how moved I was after reading their entries. Today's feature still has great writing, but a whole lot of eye candy as well. It's time we visited Homme Sanctuario...make sure you have something to wipe your drool with.

Homme Sanctuario is the brainchild of Satoshi Hamasaki (if my Google research is correct), a half-Japanese, half-Filipino marketing consultant. What is it with people of mixed heritage that makes them so beautiful? I guess the rule of hybrids applies to appearance, haha.

Before you start emailing him or IMing him for his details, lemme put it out he's taken and he's clearly in love with his beau whom he affectionately calls "Dhada" or "Dha" - this I know not because I've interviewed him or anything but because of the many heartwarming stories he shares about his relationship along with the many poems, songs and such that he dedicates to his partner.

However this blog is not just about writing - it's also way HOT (and it truly merits the capital letters). Sure, the author is quite the looker as well and it helps that the person who first greets you is Leandro Okabe in the masthead of the site, but more importantly he also takes the time to post a lot of entries about hot celebrities, hot models and hot anything, haha. This blog is clearly NSFW given full frontal shots, guys in various states of undress and XTube video embeds. I told you to have a towel ready...

This Blogger-hosted blog is fairly new given it only started in April of this year (why have so many queer people started blogging this summer?) but given his steady updates and seemingly limitless supply of eye candy, I don't see this sanctuary closing shop anytime soon. Just be sure to visit this page from the comfort of your own home...room...and perhaps in the dark, too. Hahaha...

This is a blog for any gay man looking for a great mix of intelligence and more simple pleasures of the flesh. You won't regret paying this site a visit and while you're there be sure to try and strike up a conversation with the author - he seems fairly into feedback and is ready to get into a lengthy discussion at a moments notice. At least that's why I think - I could be wrong - but then we'll soon find one once I fire up the old IM client, haha.

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  1. Thanks for the link to this post. Sure I'm gonna enjoy the eye-candies.

  2. no problem - it's certainly worth checking out! =D

  3. Ei, Rocky, I suggest you post the RSS feed URL of blogs that you review, for those who browse at the office, specially NSFW blogs.

  4. that's certainly an idea, although most RSS readers like GReader are able to distill the RSS feed from the main URL...

  5. What I mean is that the user will not have to go to the site just to subscribe. =P

  6. um, precisely my point. you don't need to visit the actual site - you just need the URL and most modern RSS readers are able to figure out what the feed is without a user needing to provide the exact feed address.

    well, at least it works for Google Reader.