Jul 9, 2007

[GeekyCast] A Writing Poll

I'm still sick and I've decided to take tonight and tomorrow off from work, which is a very rare thing. I'm going to try to get as much rest as I can although I can't get out of some daytime errands / appointments I need to perform tomorrow. Hateful.

But more to the point, today's GeekyCast is about my interests in reviving my creative writing side and I'm asking some poll questions to help get the ball rolling. I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to leave your responses as comments here or you can email me (if you know the address) or you can IM me (if you catch me online).


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  1. hope you're okay now rocky. by the way, i had a glimpse of your flickr. =) nice cats you got there, too bad im not a cat-lover, im more into dogs. =)

    what meds are you taking? =) couple your meds with nice ole chicken soup and youll be perfect the next day.

    ill be praying for your health =)

  2. i love dogs too, but i can't manage having them in a small apartment, hehe. mind you, my definition of dogs requires they at least be the size of a labrador or a retriever, hehe.

    for now just on Tuseran Forte with an extra Biogesic to give it a bigger analgesic kick. if it persists until tomorrow, i'm adding in antibiotics into the mix.

    thank you for the concern. if yo have the time, would appreciate if you listened to today's GeekyCast and participated in the poll.


  3. 1. I think you should post your fiction stuff here. Just because.

    2. How about a short, humorous piece about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

    Thanks for the shout-out. Get well soon.

  4. hey misterhubs,

    1. I had a feeling you'd say this.
    2. a bit generic, but it's definitely a theme.

    thus far you are the only one who has actually participated in the poll. again.

    thank god for fan clubs, hehe

  5. Post your writing in any of your three blogs: I check them all out. It's always seem best to write about subject matter that you really know about & in which you have personal feelings: something that happened to you perhaps. Take care

  6. Thanks Pat - you know I always appreciate your opinion on things. Stay tuned. =)