Jul 12, 2007

[GeekyCast] A Frenetic Episode

Sorry if today's GeekyCast might be a bit difficult to understand - I was really, really excited when I recorded this episode and when that happens I have a nasty tendency to talk a lot faster no matter how much I focus. I'm all excited because I have drafted the first part of a science fiction story and it happened so easily and naturally that it seemed almost like before. *squee*

I'm so happy that I've managed to start writing again!

I hope to be able to finish the rest of the story soon. *Wark* Can I put the rest of my life on hold while I finish this? LOL

Anyway, I'm happy and that's what matters. It would be cooler if you'd be happy for me too. *winks*

Download this episode (11 min)


  1. of course im happy for you rocky =) science fiction story? that's HUUUGGGEEEE!!!

    as much as i wanted to do one too, i can see my neurons starting to quit just by the mere though of it. i think blogging will suffice... for now =)

    thanks for always visiting my site rocky. hope i can see you soon.

    (btw i used to work at makati before. if i may ask, where is the location of your office and condo? hehehe)

  2. Thanks for sharing in my excitement! I tried working on it a bit more tonight and it's getting longer than expeceted, haha.

    I work out of the RCBC Plaza in Makati but I live in Pasay near Cartimar, so I'm not that far from work, hehe.