Jul 24, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Welcome Inklingfair!

We have another new addition to the Geeky Crew in response to my call for bloggers recently. Let's all give a warm welcome to Inklingfair!

Inklingfair is a friend of mine from LiveJournal (again! haha) and also a member of SciFi Phillippines, of which I also consider myself a member (at least in terms of the mailing list).

Inklingfair shares my love of books and is quite the collector herself. Expect her to blog about her collection and more importantly her book hunting adventures around the metro. Heck, she collects a whole bunch of things and I'm sure she'll find the time to write about them too - a regular treasure hunter in these modern times.

She'll be out of town for the week so don't expect her to submit anything anytime soon. Regardless, we're more than happy to have her on the team and certainly look forward to her adding her own uniqueness to the blog.

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