Jun 17, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Lows, HIGHS and Alibis

Lows, HIGHS and Alibis

Real-life obligations have been keeping me busy and I apologize for being unable to post a review last week. You know how things go.

So let's not delay any further and jump right into the world of Lows, HIGHS and Alibis...

Instead of just reviewing the most popular blogs around these days, I thought it might be interesting to scan the blogroll of Pinoy Gay Blogs to find newer, less-known blogs who have a lot of interesting thing to say for the local pink community.

Lows, HIGHS and Alibis technically isn't a new blog, but it does have few entries. From the looks of things, the blog author Kai Santorino started posting in 2005 and has been posting intermittently for most of 2006. Recently he seems to be working on updating this blog more frequently and the results are pretty interesting.

The blog is hosted on Bravenet, a platform I'm not entirely familiar with. For the most part, Kai's entries are text driven, which is not a bad thing since he clearly has a lot to say. He posts a lot of stories about growing up as a gay man, although he does have somewhat of a disclaimer that the entries are not 100% true in order to protect the identities of some of the people involved. Either way, the stories in themselves are the sorts of tales that most any gay man can relate to at one point in their lives or another.

Given the blog is mostly text, you can probably get away with reading at work apart from the wallpaper and some of the entry titles. Keep your ALT+TAB fingers handy, just in case.

The blog is still developing but it shows a lot of promise. As long as Kai keeps up his posting frequency and readers interact by submitting comments and feedback, then I'm sure this blog is going to go places, so to speak.



  1. Thanks for writing about my blog.


  2. Hi Kai,

    It was my pleasure - just be sure to keep blogging. I think a lot of people will come to appreciate what you have to say.