May 17, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] United


When Migs posted an announcement about the blog United, I had to admit the concept behind it got me really curious. Group blogs are always tricky but this one came out pretty well.

United is a group blog created by different bloggers who met up through Guys4Men and started toying with the idea of creating a single blog as a sort of community project. The result was this blog, the project of several users all funneling their ideas into this one page.

The entries range from light discussions of what happened in a particular blogger's day to lengthy discussions of more lofty ideas and philosophical concepts. It's certainly a surprising mix and for this very reason, I suppose it's safer to tag this initially as a NSFW blog. While incriminating photos aren't that prevalent in the entries I read, the personal stories being shared can get pretty lengthy and you may find yourself with your nose inches away from the screen as you follow that particular tale to its timely end.

As a blog it doesn't have focus, which is precisely the point. It is a group blog after all and you're going to find so many different views all in a single site. This is probably what makes this blog most powerful - its diversity and originality. There's a relieving candor to the tone of many of the entries that really makes my day. It's a mixed language blog so some offshore readers may have some difficulty with some of the entries depending on your familiarity with Filipino, which I know can be a challenge even for folks within the country if they're outside Luzon.

Regardless, it's a pretty good blog and proof that varied minds can come together to come up with something like this. It's just a shame that despite the many bloggers involved we don't see entries posted more frequently...

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