May 20, 2007

[Games] StarCraft II Finally!

After years of waiting and more internet rumors than any one person can possible imagine, the news is finally out that Blizzard is officially working on StarCraft II, the long-awaited sequel to perhaps one of the greatest real-time strategy games of all time.

I really loved this game. Just thinking about it has be thinking about my gaming days all those years ago, hours and hours spent playing with friends over and over again. Frankly, I was always a Zerg guy by trade until the expansion came out and I was forced to go Protoss.

The sequel appears to be primarily an update of the classic game to "modern" standards along with new units but no new races announced as of this time. I'm wondering if they're going to adopt the Hero system that made WarCraft III such a popular game as well.

The official page lets you view the amazing cinematic and previews some of the new units for the Protoss side with the promise of the other races to follow in the weeks or months to come. Talk about a buzz generator! There are also wallpaper designs you can download and of course teaser screenshots. So far, I can see a lot of new units for the Protoss but limited has been revealed about the other races apart from the return of many popular units from the original game.

Here's the video used to make the announcement at the 2007 Worldwide Invitation held in South Korea - enjoy!

Ooh! And there's also a gameplay video! Killer!


  1. my life for AIUR.

    it is the best strategy game i have played. theyve done a great deal of improvement to the races. look at the protoss. this is something to look forward to.

  2. the Protoss do look pretty good, although of course I'm terribly curious as to what changes they've done for the Zerg, who remain to be one of my favorite races still. ;)