Apr 7, 2007

[Web] The Return of (You Don't Know) Jack


Back in the late 90's, my family and I fell in love with an amazingly hip, witty, fun yet insulting game called You Don't Know Jack. There was no other game show program available on the PC (or any other platform for that matter) that could match the sheer fun of the game.

It feels like ages since the last YDKJ game came out, well a few years to be precise since that was just 2003...anyway. There are a horde of Jack fans out there pining for a new game (at least I'm pretty sure there are a large number of them) and finally, Jellyvision has delivered in a most unique way...

It started with a new website - YouDontKnowJack.com that came out late last year with just Dis or Dat questions. The thing was that the questions were daily and so people knew that it was inevitable that the rest of the game follow suit.

Starting March 2007, the site started featuring weekly You Don't Know Jack episodes, each consisting of 7 questions each. While the YDKJ games were famous for their outlandish variety of questions, for now the game is limited to 5 trivia questions, 1 Dis or Dat question and of course the final Jack Attack.

The online version of the game is pretty solid, although limited to one player for now. It's a bit heavy on resources and the site recommends that you run as few processes as possible apart from the game. In my tests thus far I'd have to agree, especially for older computers or slower internet connections. Besides, you're going to really need to focus on the game if you expect to get anywhere with the questions, haha!

I just wish they'd make a longer game or perhaps a multi-player option. Then again, it's a free game so there's no sense complaining. Just shut up and PLAY!

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