Apr 13, 2007

[US] Vonage in Deep Waters

US-based VoIP company Vonage has been all over the news recent weeks. How could they have avoided it? Their stock price has collapsed ever since news of the Verizon patent dispute started to turn sour and against the VoIP pioneer.

With a potential injunction against Vonage acquiring new customers on the brink of implementation and today's announced resignation of Vonage CEO Michale Snyder - Vonage is definitely not in a good place.

D-Day for Vonage is April 24 - the day when the ruling on Vonage's appeal will be issued and it'll determine if it can continue to pursue customers using the patents Verizon has claimed as their own, find an alternative way to connect to landlines outside of the pantents, or prepare to die a slow and painful death as customer churn eats up their remaining customer base that will dry up without new customers.

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