Apr 1, 2007

[Google] April Fool's Day 2007

Everyone has been speculating on what Google might do for April Fool's Day, which has always been a day for major announcements both serious and otherwise. April 1 is also the "anniversary" of GMail, which was launched on this day a few years ago to very mixed reactions. Given the day, it's always been challenging to sort the truths from the pranks.

It looks like this year Google went with the prank route, hehe.

Google TiSPOn the Google Blog, the team has just announced Google TiSP, supposedly a free wireless internet service that is run through an interconnected network that links all of our toilets. Yes, I said toilets, hahaha!

Google TiSP

It's just so silly - you can even get your Google Checkout purchases delivered through your commode network and of course they've "announced" an enterprise edition with 24-hour technical support. Sweet.

It's an amazingly humous read. Be sure to go through every page and link to make the most of it. Oh, and you might get 404 Not Found errors of interest as well. LOL

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