Mar 31, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] The McVie Show

The McVie Show

Next in the spotlight is The McVie Show, Season 5, aptly named since there are four previous "seasons" before this one. The McVie show is the personal blog of Joel McVie run off the Blogger platform. If that alone wasn't enough to ensure speed, the first thing you'll notice about this blog is how clean and austere it appears to be. Just look at the screenshot above and you'll see that it's a sea if white broken only by his words and the occasional image here and there. Given that, it certainly helps keep this blog tagged as Safe For Work for those conscious of shoulder-surfing supervisors checking on what you're doing. You'll be fine as long as they don't start reading too closely, haha.

This helps define the strength of the blog - what McVie has to say. His manner of writing is fresh, witty and very honest, something I've always found to be a key to truly good writing. His blog acts as a running commentary of the world of the Metro touching on a variety of topics such as the latest movies or even the traffic situation last Thursday. It's fresh and brilliantly real - in other words what a lot of good blogs should be about. Amongst the various entries you'll find little snippets of his personal history, stories from his youth or just a few hours ago which provide interesting peeks at what his life as a gay man is like.

Blogs were originally meant to be personal, revealing and candid. The McVie Show is all that and more and definitely a great read.

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  1. McVIE: (holding a trophy of a golden naked man with a huge staff covering his, uhm, perhaps even bigger staff?) Just to be included in the Pinoy Gay Blogs is already an honor. And a cinch! But to be awarded this review is, oh my! I am at a loss for words. Words like anthropomorphic, discombobulate, replete, cacophony, fillet, click, tantamount, lenses, point-blank, necktie, anal-retentive and ruffles. Really. I am more than honored. I am grateful and thankful. I really, truly appreciate your more than kind words re. The McVie Show. And I would also liketo thank my producers, my co-actors, everyone I ever encountered in my career, my fans... oh my, is that the orchestra playing me off the stage? Oh gee.

  2. hahaha, well i'm glad you liked the review. it wasn't much, but the least i could do. the true praise should go to your blog for demonstrating that you don't need to dress things up too much to get your message across.