Apr 6, 2007

[Blogosphere] JessicaRulesTheUniverse.com


Jessica Zafra has always been a popular columnist in the Philippines, primarily for her wit and near-belligerence in dealing with anything or anyone she deems stupid or ridiculous. In the past she's had a cable TV show, a radio program and of course several books and compilations of her columns published.

I'm surprised I never tried searching through the blogosphere to see if she had staked a claim, but I wandered across her blog as a link from some other blog I was reading at the time. Her blog is aptly named JessicaRulesTheUniverse.com - a reference to her long-standing belief that she is destined to be ruler of the known universe.

The blog is quite straightforward - it's all about her and the content, namely her writing. She posts fairly regularly and anyone is free to leave comments or thoughts provided you're willing to register for an account since its hosted on a private server. It's run off the WordPress platform, which is quite popular these days when it comes to hosted blogging tools.

If you're looking for more of her wit and sarcasm, then feel free to drop by her blog. It'll certainly make for a interesting read, although those with heart conditions and rigid beliefs probably ought to steer clear in this case, hehe.

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