Mar 30, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] It's a Gay-Gay-Gay World!!!

It's a Gay-Gay-Gay World!!!

This is the first of probably many future posts featuring various blogs now appearing as part of the Pinoy Gay Blogs List. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I agreed to help write feature reviews for Pinoy Gay Blogs. If you too want your blog to be featured, feel free to get in touch with Migs, who is the owner of the list or you can leave a comment on this entry and I'll try to get around it.

First up is It's a Gay-Gay-Gay World!!!, pretty much an eye-candy / entertainment blog created by Edmond Ray Castro. It's a light and highly energetic blog that features various celebrity pictures, discusses popular queer lifestyle news items and a whole lot more. There's not a whole bunch of writing - it's really more about multimedia entries filled with pictures and such.

Since it's run off the Blogger platform it's highly unlikely you're going to get Page Cannot Be Displayed errors if too many people visit the site. However I have to warn you that given the sheer volume of images, flash embeds and other video clips, the site runs really slow even for faster computers running off broadband internet connections. Seriously. I'd recommend viewing this blog one entry at a time or you could try pulling from the site's RSS feed instead so you can view the entries isolated from all the others via an RSS reader like Google Reader.

I'd tag this blog as NSFW - Not Safe For Work, given the sheer number of interesting pictures. Even the RockYou slideshows do little to hide the graphic nudity involved in some of the posts given it takes a while for the additional animation to load and cover up the most incriminating photos. Take my advice, this is the kind of blog you can only view at home and definitely not over dial-up.

So if you're into the full multimedia experience, loads of interesting and sometimes delicious images and videos, then this is a blog you're going to appreciate. Hopefully Edmond can resolve the technical issues in the future.

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