Mar 8, 2007

[Google] The New Desktop 5

I still use Windows XP SP2. There's no shame in that. Of course this means I don't get all the bells and whistles the few Vista users are already enjoying, but I'm not rushing to upgrade just yet. There seem to be more woes than benefits this early in Vista's life.

Google DesktopGoogle's latest version of its Google Desktop have now become a positive step in the right direction for a Vista-ish experience. Version 5 (technically still in beta) brings significant enhancements for its sidebar from being a clunky tool to becoming a more stylish and robust application that remains highly functional but pleasing to the eye as well. This version also brings a lot of security enhancements to the table, one of the biggest concerns people have had about the application over the years.

I had tried the previous version of Google Desktop and had been unimpressed. The sidebar seemed to just get in the way and I didn't really see the need for a desktop search application. Now with all the blogophere buzz, I find myself happy that Google can now provide a viable sidebar alternative that I think I'm going to be getting used to in the weeks to come. Everyone was talking about it, so I figured it deserved a second chance.

Go on, try it out. I think you'll be surprised with the differences. Some folks are even considering replacing their Vista sidebars altogether.

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