Mar 21, 2007

[Geeky Guide] Understanding the Guide

Ever since The 2007 Philippine Blog Awards were announced, I started thinking about what exactly The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything is meant to be. This blog didn't get nominated, which is alright with me given how relatively young it is. However as I reviewed the categories, I realized even I didn't know how to classify the Geeky Guide. The coverage of the site is pretty diverse.

A lot of blogs try to specialize and remain focused on one major topic. I've decided to diversify and remain more of a general opinion blog, bringing things to my reader's attention that I considered interesting and hope they do in turn.

This is a political blog - we cover world affairs, whether in terms of US partisan politics or even local Philippine political squabbling. Personally I tend to be more of a liberal democrat, so that tends to influence my approach towards news events.

This is a queer blog, given my sexual orientation. I try to focus more on news related to gay rights and political representation and of course some human interest pieces. I know sex sells, but early on I decided this needs to be a Safe-for-Work blog, hence my prudence in terms of selecting topics and pictures.

This is a technical blog. I love all things Google and am a big support of Open Source initiatives. I'm okay with Microsoft since we have to live with them and sadly I have yet to have extensive experience with using Macs, so I can speak too much about those things. We also cover gadgets and gear to some extent.

This is an entertainment blog, but not overly so. We do cover major celebrity events that can't help but dominate the international headlines but we're not going to follow every burp and hiccup of Paris Hilton or something. I also post numerous reviews for movies, books and TV shows that people might find interesting, if they value my opinions.

The Geeky Guide is all this and potentially more depending on what we choose to write about and any future writers that might join the team. Oh yes, we're always interested in new talent who might want a venue to share their ideas and allow themselves to be heard. If you're interested, just let us know.

In time the Geeky Guide will find its place in the hierarchy of things and connect with its true reader base. For those already loyally following the Geeky Guide, your readership is very much appreciated. We'd love to hear from you and learn more about your ideas and opinions on what we've written since this is still an avenue for public expression and discussion.

Happy Reading!

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