Feb 22, 2007

[World Affairs] The Prince in Iraq

Flickr: Sybreon - Prince Harry to go to Iraq??!! The news is out that Prince Harry is being sent to Iraq. Given he is a graduate of Sandhurst graduate, military service was never in question for the young prince. However a high profile posting such as Iraq will certainly attract attention. Let's face it, no matter how much he tries to be just another officer, he will make for an interesting target my Iraqi insurgents, if only to speed the withdrawal of British troops from the country.

He'll be commanding a tank unit, which consists of 12 soldiers operating four tanks, 3 men per Scimitar tank. It's interesting to note that this announcement comes right after Blair's previous announcement of an overall reduction in British troop levels in Iraq by the end of the year.

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Photo linked from Flickr user Sybreon's photostream.

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