Jan 9, 2007

[US] Of Foul Odors and Dead Birds

It's been a weird day for many Americans in completely different parts of the country. There was news of dozens of birds found dead in Austin, Texas this morning. Also today came reports of a mysterious gas-like odor permeating the city of New York also this morning.

Both incidents revived the usual post-9/11 fears of potential terrorists attacks but of course nothing really happened - at least nothing that we can determine for now. At this time, no one knows what caused either incident - they just happened. While scientists and other such knowledgeable folks are busy trying to figure out what happened, the city governments have done their best to assure everyone that people are still safe and not in harm's way.

At the end of the day, one can't wonder what all this is about. It's just too weird to be true, in a way, like something out of a sci-fi series of sorts. I'd love to see what the lab boys are going to come up with to explain away all this.

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