Jan 12, 2007

[US] 5 Years of Gitmo

Image Source: WikipediaIt's hard to imagine that the Guantanamo Bay facility has been around for five years now. Just think about it - five years of legal limbo for all these people - oh I'm sorry, we know they're all terrorists, right? Or do we?

Don't bother - that wasn't a question, haha.

Of course news is littered with various anniversary stories and of course reports of the various protest actions against the detention facility.

I guess this also helps explain Bush's timing for his speech, Wednesday night. Just one day more and he'd have to deal with anti-Gitmo protesters along with his anti-war folk and his newer anti-surge groups. It's definitely a colorful time for the Little-President-That-Could.

The Geeky Guide joins Amnesty International and other human rights groups in calling for this illegal facility to be shut down.

The injustice must end.

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