Jan 12, 2007

[Health] Another Push For Stem Cell Research

Today, the House of Representatives passed legislation that promises to lift the ban on using human embryos for stem cell research, an avenue of medical science that promises to cure many diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

A previous measure attempted to get past the Oval Office a year ago but was vetoed by President George W. Bush - the first veto of his presidency. He has maintained that he would not allow such a bill go through as long as he retains the presidency. The current measure again failed to achieve the number of votes needed to survive another veto by the president, but still supporters are hopeful that this bill will go through.

Personally, I'm all in favor of this research. The benefits clearly outweigh the ethical considerations, especially if we limit the resaerch options such asrequiring the embryos utilized are from abortions within the country, those embryos already being thrown out indiscriminately by abortion clinics across the country.

Although recent advances have determined that somewhat viable stem cell materials can be obtained from the surrounding amniotic fluid within the womb, human stem cells remain the best way of advancing this field of research.

Based on the President's actions so far, I doubt the bill will survive, though. He seems pretty set on going his own way and keeping his conservative view above all others.

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