Dec 14, 2006

[UK] A New 'Ripper'

It appears there have been a string of murders in the Suffolk area, all of them involving young women who have been identified as prostitutes. Based on the news reports, it took some time before some of the women who had been identified as missing were found dead, their bodies dumped after the victims were murdered.

At this time, 5 women have gone missing and three of them have been confirmed dead while an additional two corpses have been found recently but a positive identification has yet to be made. A timeline of the murders and the discovery of the bodies follows (taken from the BBC website:

Image Source: BBC News

While the murders do not seem as elegant as the more famous Jack the Ripper cases of old, the nature of the crimes is somewhat similar and the media has been quick to jump on the band wagon by relating the two crimes. What is certain is that there is a serial killer at work in Suffolk and it's clearly imperative that the murder be found.

It's somewhat bothersome that these kinds of things happen, no matter how "civilized" we claim to be in there more "modern" times. I suppose there's no stopping such strong mental directives when they come along.

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