Nov 6, 2006

[World Affairs] Saddam's Verdict

So it's official - Saddam Hussein has been found guilty of crimes against humanity, the usual cleaned-up term of acts as vile as human torture and genocide used in international tribunals. When you think about it in terms of previous trials of this magnitude, this was a pretty speedy verdict. It's taken less than three years to come to this point.

Under Iraqi law, Saddam Hussein is to be executed by hanging, a rather gruesome way to go compared to the many methods available these days that are generally considered more "humane" as far as capital punishment is concerned, anyway. Some would say that he deserves just a degrading method of death - for us here at the Guide, we're not precisely sure where we stand on this just yet.

The irony behind the whole thing is that he's been found guilty of crimes that took place several decades ago. This has nothing to do with the continued US-led war on terror, as it is called, but because of the brutal murder of almost an entire town's worth of people in the Shiite town of Dujali back in 1982. It's highly unlikely Saddam will live to see trial for any of the US's accusations back at the start of the invasion of Iraq several years ago - it's not like any Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) were found after the invasion was completed.

It certainly makes you think about what this entire thing really means. Sure, it's a good thing Saddam is due to die - no matter how you think about it, he is truly a dangerous man to co-exist with even on a global scale. However the only reason he is available for trial is because of a war with an identity crises, in a manner of speaking. Where's the justice in that? It's like some sort of illegal search done and this time the evidence was still permitted in court. Yes, this is a very bad analogy, but I'm sure you understand our point in all this. It justs makes one think, that's all.

The story is all over the news these days. Just try a Google News search for the term [Saddam Hussein] and just see what you'll get. What we also liked is how there's a link at the bottom of the results page to also try searching through Google Blog Search using the same key term. If you just want the facts, go with News. If you want more opinions, go with the Blog method.

While simple in theory, Google's many applications will always present you with a potential wealth of information with just one search term used over and over again across various applications. Try it for yourself.

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