Nov 19, 2006

[US] Racism Starts Early

While browsing my Google start page, I came across this CNN story about the sentencing of David Henry Tuck(18), who was found guilty of attacking a Hispanic boy.

David had been described as being a 'White Supremacist' (for a definition, try searching [define white supremacist]) given the attack clearly had racist tones. What made this attack so brutal was the fact that he not only beat up the boy but brutally sodomized him while shouting statements like, "white power!" while sodomizing the boy with the plastic pole of a patio umbrella. It took the Hispanic boy more than 3 months to recover including 20-30 operations.

He was sentenced to life in prison given it was charged that he was beyond rehabilitation. I definitely have to agree - a young man capable of such violence and brutality is definitely damaged in more ways than one. Sure, there were various drugs involved, but the drugs merely brought out what was already there.

This begs the question of how such individuals are created. Seriously, what kind of upbringing triggers this kind of behavior? Given I life outside of the US, racism of this scale is mostly unheard of here. There have never been thoughts about racial supremacy in terms of one being clearly better than the other. We've never had attacks against other "colors" and such. So why is it that this seems to be so prevalent in the US?

There has to be something that is consistently being done to further the White Supremacy agenda, to continue to create more and more people who believe in this doctrine and desire to charge against the rest of the world to proclaim their message, and enforce it.

It's times like these that I realize I'm glad I don't live in places like the US, that I've been able to live a life outside of most of the negative effects of racism. I'm not saying there is none here - I'm just saying it's not as bad as kids nearly killing other kids about it.

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