Sep 27, 2006

[US Politics] Clinton on Fox News Sunday

The blogosphere is ablaze with discussions about former president Bill Clinton's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this week. You definitely can't blame them (heck, myself included) - it was a very interesting, if not entertaining interview.

FOX News of course is known for its highly conservative stance on a lot of issues with a large number of their programs more of opinion shows rather than just factual news reports as what CNN focuses on. Although I am not a US resident, I suppose you could say that I'm more of a liberal in terms of my beliefs so that should give you an idea where this brief entry is going to go. Needless to say, I've never been a fan of the network and their take on the world.

You can read the official transcript of the interview on the FOX News website or view the video embeds using the links to Google Video below. I can't guarantee the videos will always play - given this is FOX material, they have every right to have the videos pulled from Google Video as they're requested of YouTube recently. Then again, if you keep searching for [Bill Clinton Fox News], you're bound to find a copy of the interview.

I really enjoyed watching it - it's nice to see a Democrat willing to challenge FOX News and put them in their in their place, so to speak, given the network's penchant for their highly pro-GOP reporting and interviews. I would have liked it even more if the interview was with someone as feisty as Bill O'Reilly, but then I guess Chris Wallace will have to do for now.

note: I tried embedding the videos but the players don't seem to work in the Blogger beta environment for some reason. So instead, I've placed the links to the videos themselves. Enjoy!

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