Oct 7, 2021

[Books] September 2021 Reads

September 2021 Reads

 I thought that I had read a lot more books last month, but when I sat down to do my tally, it seems that wasn't quite the case. Don't get me wrong - I'm still way ahead of my end-of-year reading goal. But it seems that August was even more productive than September for some reason. Go figure.

So let's dive into my summary of all the different titles I managed to consume cover over the course of the last month. 

Sep 29, 2021

[Books] August 2021 Reads


August 2021 Reads

Wow, I thought I had already done an August update for everything I had read, but I guess it had somehow slipped my mind. At had a quick TikTok update at the start of September but that was it. And here we are pretty much at the end of the month and I'm still playing catch-up. 

So here's a very late report on the many things I read during my birthday month. I made a sincere effort to make up for lost ground and slower reading in recent months and I think I managed to make some REALLY good progress for the month.

Aug 8, 2021

[Books] July 2021 Reads

July 2021 Reads

From a "competitive" reading perspective, I read more books in July than I did in June, which is good. However, I still didn't read at a pace that was the equivalent of 1 title per day, and that means I'm still off my game. Then again, July was also a very busy and eventful month at work, so it couldn't be helped, I suppose. 

I enjoyed the mix of things I read, that's for sure. But I'm still balancing fulfilling titles versus also racking up enough numbers to hit my goals before the end of the year. It's just how things go.

Jul 12, 2021

[Books] June 2021 Reads

June Geek Reads

 Wow, looking back at the stuff I managed to read during the month of June left me feeling disappointed with myself. While I'm still "ahead" in terms of the pacing of my end-of-year reading goal, I definitely didn't cover as many titles this time around. In fact, I was short of reading at least one book a day, which is a little troubling since it severely ate into my buffer.

But that just speaks to how busy things have been at work, I guess, and all the craziness of trying to get vaccinated (which thankfully I did). So let's see what I did manage to cover this month.

Jun 17, 2021

[Books] May 2021 Reads

 I still managed to keep pace with my reading goals during the month of May and I feel like I managed to explore some interesting territory. A focus on more franchise-based fiction like the different Doctor Who and Star Wars books certainly helped in that area.

But that didn't limit me from exploring some interesting pieces that had been sitting in my collection for a while. So on the whole, it felt like a good month for reading. I certainly read a bit faster a the beginning of the month, but things sort of bogged down towards the end and I felt I slowed down. But maybe that's just me.