Mar 3, 2020

[Books] December 2019 Reads

In December my reading efforts weren't all that substantial since I was determined NOT to miss my annual reading target of at least 365 titles. That resulted in my blitzing through a total of 38 titles, 27 of which were the equivalent of comic book trade paperbacks versus a measly 3 novels. I also augmented my reading numbers with the help of the fact that many of the older Big Finish Doctor Who audiobooks are available on Spotify.

If anything, the most notable comic that I read during this period was The Immortal Hulk, which added a sense of mysticism to Bruce Banner's story by bringing him back from the dead again and making this a key aspect of what the Hulk is. It could have come out pretty cheesy to claim that all gamma-irradiated heroes and villains were all tied to some mystical green door connected to another dimension, but the way it was carried out worked out quite well. Good job, Al Ewing.

And in case you're wondering, yes, I did hit my annual reading target. You can ready my reviews of the books I read at my Goodreads account.

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