Nov 4, 2019

[Books] October 2019 Reads

Sorry for the long absence folks, but I've been doing a lot of thinking trying to figure out how to approach content for this blog moving forward. And while I don't have a solid plan for things just yet, one of the things that I want to start writing is monthly overviews of my reading. Given my reading goal for the year is to cover at least a book a day (yes, 365 titles covered in a year), it's hard to keep up with all the titles given my former one book review a week schedule.

So instead I'll try covering things in more general with special highlights for key books of interests.

So here are the numbers...

This month, I got through a total of 26 titles, which is definitely short of the 31 needed for the month. I'm about 8 books behind pace, so I'll have to step things up to avoid getting too left behind. To break things down further, our books for the month include 4 audiobooks and the equivalent of 17 comic book trade paperback collections.

My novel-reading efforts for the month were largely allocated towards getting through more of the books of The Expanse series, although in truth I only really finished Cibola Burn and a few of the novellas set between the previous books. I'm still trying to finish Nemesis Game and the book is pretty gripping.

For lighter reading, I went back to old favorite series like Star Wars and more importantly Battletech as I work through the books I never owned physical copies of, in this case By Blood Betrayed and Dagger Point. Both of them were just okay as far as these books go, but were still largely fun.

On the comics front, I was all over the place. I finally picked up the rest of the Adventure Time comic book collections after waiting in vain for more mathematical editions to be released. I also explored some of the War of the Realms comics from the Marvel crossover event and dove into both the past and present adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man, for better or for worse. But I have to admit, the 1960's stuff from volume one still holds water versus some of the convoluted stories in the current series.

What are you all reading this month? I may need another narrative break after I finish Nemesis Games and I think it's time I blitz through more Star Wars book to help bolster my book count.

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