Aug 30, 2018

[Videos] Spacedock on the Clone Wars

So Spacedock, one of my favorite YouTube channels for geeking out over the technology of science fiction, has recently posted a few more videos covering the different vessels of the Star Wars Clone Wars era. While the channel has featured a number of the capital ships in the past, the recent videos kind of dive deeper into some of the nuances of the technologies utilised during the conflict and some of my favorite vessels.

Star Wars: LAAT/i Republic Gunship - Ship Breakdown

First there's the LAAT/i Republic Gunship, which is definitely one of the more memorable ships from the time period. As much as a lot of Star Wars space combat has more or less emulated the sort of old school naval combat of the World War II era, the Republic Gunship sort of emulated the role of the Huey helicopter in the Vietnam War. Of course this Star Wars equivalent is a lot stronger with more diverse capabilities that went a long way to support Clone forces. Plus it looked pretty cool.

Star Wars: The Starfighters of the CIS

Then there's the more recent video that goes over the various starfighters of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, better known as the Separatists. It's not often that we get to really look at these ships since they only received limited screen time in the movies and a lot more work has gone into covering the Imperial-era TIE fighters and related craft. This video actually covers a lot of great details about the various fighters despite the relative brevity of the video.

If you share this geekery over science fiction ships, you can get started by checking out the Spacedock playlist of videos about other Star Wars ships or just explore the full channel on your own.

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