Jul 12, 2018

[Videos] The Ships of The Expanse

The book-to-television-series, The Expanse is a fascinating franchise with some pretty distinct technology. Some science fiction stories stay light on the science part at times when it comes to things like how their spacecraft work or how combat is structured, but not this series. The Expanse is definitely distinctly harder science fiction that depicts possible developments in the not too distant future.

YouTube channel Spacedock (they're on Patreon) has a unique partnership of sorts with the team behind The Expanse and have been steadily releasing unique content about the technical details of their ships and other aspects of their technology. Spacedock does more than just videos on The Expanse and I particularly appreciate their discussions of Star Wars and Star Trek vessels.

You can view the full playlist of videos here, but I've embedded a few videos as well to give you a taste of the joys of these videos. If you're the type to geek out over the theoretical technical aspects of fictional ships from a possible future, then you totally have to be watching this channel.

The Expanse: MCRN Donnager Class Battleship - Spacedock

The Expanse: MCRN Corvette (Tachi/Rocinante) - Spacedock

The Expanse: Truman Class Dreadnought - Official Breakdown

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