Dec 7, 2017

[Videos] Other Ways to Experience Transformers: The Last Knight

So I still haven't bothered to watch Transformers: The Last Knight yet for obvious Michael Bay related reasons. As much as I love the Transformers franchise, I'm really more of an old school guy in terms of robot aesthetic and I'm too in live with logical story flow to even try to endure most Michael Bay ventures sober. So for the most part, reading io9's Spoiler FAQ for the movie was sufficient.

But now CinemaSins has finally applied it's particular brand of sarcastic nitpicking to the latest Transformers movie and it was a fun little ride. As much as it's interesting to see how they find little errors in movies that are universally celebrated as good, it's even better when they roast the obviously bad ones. And there is just so much to pick apart in this particular movie.

Everything Wrong With Transformers The Last Knight

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