Dec 26, 2017

[Videos] More Facts About Gravity Fall and The Nightmare Before Christmas

Some of my favorite YouTube content tends to include various trivia videos since I can listen to them while working on  other things, including this blog. They go into a lot of crazy detail about things we love and it's a mixed bag of the fascinating to the simply odd. But knowing more is a lot of fun and I have no regrets about things.

So here are some additional 107 Facts videos created by ChannelFrederator for subjects previously visited in such videos - Gravity Falls and The Nightmare Before Christmas. There's a lot of fun insights and things you'd never think to research on your own. And that makes for even more entertaining fandom feels.

So here we go!

107 More Facts About Gravity Falls!! - Cartoon Facts! (107 Facts S8 E3)

107 MORE The Nightmare Before Christmas Facts

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