Aug 10, 2017

[Videos] The Tactics of Grand Admiral Thrawn

Fans of the old Star Wars Legends books know very well that Grand Admiral Thrawn is a brilliant tactician who executed some creative yet highly effective strategies in his campaigns against rebel forces. We've seen some of his old tactical brilliance translated to his new canon role on Star Wars Rebels, but it's not like they can depict him in a major space battle every week.

I keep revisiting the Thrawn Week videos put together by the two YouTube channels Star Wars Explained and Spacedock that dissect some of Thawn's biggest space battles and break down just how his plans managed to unfold to lead to striking victories for the Empire. It's a lot of military theory applied to science fiction but on the whole it makes for geekily entertaining viewing.

Star Wars - Thrawn Week Part 1: The Battle of Sluis Van (Legends) (Spacedock)

Grand Admiral Thrawn's Precision Hyperspace Jump: Thrawn Week Part 2 Featuring Spacedock

Star Wars - Thrawn Week Pt 3 - Marg Sabl Manuever (Legends) (Spacedock)

The Thrawn Pincer: Thrawn Week Part 4 Featuring Spacedock

Star Wars - Thrawn Week Pt 5: Biography of Thrawn. (Legends) (Spacedock)

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