Aug 1, 2017

[Videos] New and Updated Facts about Rick and Morty

So the third season of Rick and Morty is finally airing properly and not just because of an April Fools Day "leak" situation. And because of that, it's a great time to geek out over the cultural wonder that is this animated series.

Seriously, I love Rick and Morty given how it gets to embrace a different pop culture references across its episodes and yet survives without the obsessive need to maintain narrative continuity. There is a larger storyline and certain events take place after others but the story largely pushes the limits of how things can work. And this has resulted in some crazy yet brilliant stories.

ChannelFrederator has updated their 107 Facts video about the show despite having done two videos before. So to celebrate the return of the show, let's go over them again:

107 Rick and Morty Facts YOU Should Know! PART 1 (ToonedUp #38) @ChannelFred

107 MORE Rick and Morty Facts - (ToonedUp #160) | ChannelFrederator

107 Rick and Morty Facts YOU Should Know! New and Improved! Rick and Morty Facts! (107 Facts S7 E5)

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