Aug 15, 2017

[Videos] Imperial Interdictor Cruiser

One of my favorite ships introduced in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now the Legends universe) was the Imperial Interdictor Cruiser. It's main function was pulling ships out of hyperspace by generating artificial gravity traps. Their main function was blockading planets since they could stop ships from escaping into hyperspace or setting traps along major hyperspace lanes to pull out Rebel fleets in transit.

Grand Admiral Thrawn would also develop a whole host of tactics using interdictors to pull his own fleets out of hyperspace at strategic points in the combat arena. As if I didn't love these ships before, creating these new tactical uses of these vessels made them even more fascinating.

YouTube channel Star Wars Explained just released a quick video discussing both the Legends and new canon history of these ships and its a fun little watch.

Interdictor Cruisers - Star Wars Canon vs Legends

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