Jun 13, 2017

[Videos] 107 Facts About Ratchet and Clank

After I shared The Leaderboard's various videos related to various Playstation platform games, I had remarked about the lack of a video for Ratchet and Clanks, which remains to be one of my favorite action platform games. And it boggles the mind to consider the game is about 15 years old now.

And here we are! And this is a fun little roundabout of a lot of bits of trivia about our intrepid heroes that spans their many, many titles released across various platforms. We get fun little tidbits as to why Clank is named Clank or a whole host of rejected titles for some of the expansions. And of course there are all these other Easter Eggs in the various games that make things even more entertaining.

So let's stop delaying and here's the video!

107 Ratchet & Clank Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

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