May 30, 2017

[Videos] Hundreds of Simpsons Facts

I was a little surprised when ChannelFrederator ran a 107 Facts video just about Homer J. Simpson given they had already shared a good amount with two sets of videos for The Simpson as a show. But the video did have a lot to say about our favorite, dopey patriarch so I figured it might be worth a reshare for all you Simpsons fans out there. And given the series now spans 28 seasons, that's still a LOT of content to dig into.

So here are 321 Simpsons trivia factoids for your enjoyment:

107 Homer Simpson Facts You Should Know! (Tooned Up #295) The Simpsons Facts! | ChannelFrederator

107 Simpsons Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #8)

107 MORE Facts About The Simpsons! (ToonedUp #64) @ChannelFred

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