May 16, 2017

[Videos] Dorkly on Steven Universe

Dorkly's YouTube content tends to favor the silly with a lot of comedy sketches based around various video game characters and other pop culture references. I tune in every now and then for a few chuckles or to reminisce about 8-bit games of old. I concede this shows my age, but I'm a geek who will always love artifacts of my childhood.

But every now and then they run somewhat more serious commentaries on things as hosted by Tony Wilson, particularly questions and theories about different cartoons. And like many folks on the internet, they've devoted a fair amount of time into dissecting different aspects of the Cartoon Network favorite Steven Universe.

Here are two notable videos that had some interesting things to discuss about the show.

5 Times Steven Universe Faced Mature Themes Head On

6 Strange Ways Steven Universe has Been Censored

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