May 4, 2017

[Videos] 107 Facts About the Animaniacs

Every generation has its share of cultural artifacts that they continue to treasure over time. In my case, I have such vivid memories of the many, many cartoons that used to watch well into my high school years. And one of the crazier shows from my younger years would definitely be Animaniacs.

It's hard to explain what drew me to the show as a kid. Maybe it was the clever humor that definitely seemed naughtier than it should have been but it was hard to pinpoint why at the time. Looking back at the show now and it's a lot clearer to me how far the writers managed to push things without triggering the censors - and that just reinforces my love for the show.

So yeah, I'm all over ChannelFrederator doing a 107 facts show about the crazy Warner siblings.

107 Animaniacs Facts You Should Know! (Tooned Up #283) | ChannelFrederator

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