May 18, 2017

[TV] Star Trek Discovery First Trailers

We had been wondering what was happening to Star Trek Discovery for some time now and we've finally gotten our first full trailer for the long-delayed show. In truth, we got two trailers - one via CBS All Access, since they'll handle US distribution. The other is from Netflix, who has the global rights outside the US or something along those lines.

Each trailer is cut differently and seems to stress other aspects of the show. The Netflix trailer seems to be attempting to tie to the older franchise given the focus on older sound effects littered throughout the video. The CBS one is a bit more linear and is more about telling the story and maybe sells the show a bit better.

On the whole, I remain very on the fence about he show so far. It doesn't feel right for some reason. And as much as I love Michelle Yeoh, you can hear her struggling with her more technical lines in this trailer, which makes things feel a little awkward.

And really no comment on the new new Klingon designs just yet. I'm not ready to speak on that matter without further study.

CBS Trailer:

STAR TREK DISCOVERY Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) cbs Series
Netflix Trailer:


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