May 2, 2017

[TV] House of Cards Season 5 Trailer

The first full trailer for season 5 of Netflix's House of Cards hit the internet this week and man it's a doozy. While it does feel a little busier than past trailers, it is quite aggressive in teasing a LOT of different images from the new season that are sure to get fans speculating heavily.

Frank Underwood's voiceover that accompanies the trailer isn't quite as poetic as some of his more impassioned fourth wall-breaking speeches but it's one that remains chilling nonetheless. If anything, it's clear that Frank's designs for the White House are extending further and further beyond the present term if he can get his way.

We have to wait for pretty much the month of April before we get to watch the new season.

House of Cards | Season 5 Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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