Apr 4, 2017

[TV] Rick and Morty Season 3 Promo Ads

Well that escalated quickly.

We went from on-again, off-again speculation about when Rick and Morty would return to Adult Swim for its third season to  a sudden Season 3 premiere on April 1. Wubba lubba dub dub, indeed!

But before the sudden April shower of Rick and Morty upon the world, Adult Swim released a variety of strange, disturbing, crazy, and amazing promos for the show. They range from 8-bit oddities to full-on puppet routines, all with that distinct Rick and Morty flair and irreverence.

Thankfully fellow fans have done their best share these commercial bits over on YouTube.

Rick & Morty [Season 3] - Promo Supercut

Rick & Morty [Season 3] - Puppet Promos Supercut

I only have two words in response to all this - PICKLE RIIICK!!!

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