Mar 30, 2017

[Movies] Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer 2

So after another annoying teaser trailer for trailer thing, we got a new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming this week. The first trailer was pretty promising given the new wise-cracking Peter Parker as played by Tom Holland. Now we get more...Iron Man?

If it wasn't already obvious in the first trailer, Iron Man plays a bit role in this movie as a sot of mentor to Spider-Man. But given his age they're keeping him on the bench for the most part. The trailer goes on to show...most of the movie's narrative arc. I swear, this is like a trailer for a commercial Filipino movie.

I'm mostly optimistic about the movie but I'm also a little bothered at this point at how much of a hard sell they're trying to pull off here. Why reveal so much of the story?

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

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