Feb 21, 2017

[Videos] Webruary on NerdSync

In one of the most terrible (yet also not unexpected) puns ever, YouTube Channel NerdSync has declared the month of February to be Webruary, a month dedicated to various videos about Spider-Man. Silly puns aside, there are some major gems in the Webruary line-up thus far and any Spider-Man is sure to learn something new no matter how much of a diehard fan that you think you are.

The videos cover a lot of different things from big questions like What Happened to Spider-Man's Parents? to seemingly trivial questions like What is the Purpose of Spider-Man's Underarm Webbing? So you're going to get a pretty fun grab bag of Spider-Man facts that the NerdSync team clearly put a fair amount of researching into digging up and verifying. And you gotta respect that kind of love for geeky accuracy.

I'll leave you with one video that really stands out for me - and this is also because I'm an old school Spider-Man fan who will always believe in Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

The Beautiful Origin of Mary Jane and Peter Parker's Relationship 💕 (Spider-Man) || NerdSync

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