Feb 9, 2017

[Videos] More Steven Universe Facts

Tobie and I are big Steven Universe fans and we continue to follow the show faithfully despite its rather erratic airing schedule at times. It's quite the clever show that is very thoughtful yet still a heck of a lot of fun.

A lot of revelations were revealed in the recent Steven Bomb of five episodes starting with S02E11 "Steven's Dream" until S02E15 "That Will Be All" that have taught us a lot more about the Crystal Gems and more importantly the Homeworld Gems including Blue Diamond.

So I guess it comes as no surprise that ChannelFrederator has opted to document a lot of these new insights into another 107 facts video about the show. But don't worry, there's still more than just what was covered directly in the episodes:

107 Even MORE Steven Universe Facts - (Tooned Up #232) | ChannelFrederator

And in case you missed the first video, here's a link!

107 Steven Universe Facts YOU Should Know! - ToonedUp @CartoonHangover

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