Feb 15, 2017

[TV] Suits: Season 4

As far as Suits goes, their fourth season was quite the doozy. The writers did a pretty good job of creating new situations for tension and drama for pretty much everyone And that's what makes for some really entertaining television. And I guess this is also a big part of why I continue to watch the show.

The show was already trying new things by shaking up the Harvey-Mike status quo at the end of the last season. This season tries to build on the new dynamic between the two and later on adds in other complications to continue to stir the pot.

There were still some changes that I didn't really care for - especially since it mean weakening some characters to some extent. I understand that not everyone can be perfect and awesome all the time, but I'm not sure if the extent of some of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities make sense.

But man, this season includes quite the significant turning point in the show.

Synopsis: Suits is an American legal drama created by Aaron Korsh for the USA network. It is positioned as a comedy-drama series, but I tend to take it pretty seriously.

The fourth season begins with Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as an investment banker instead of a lawyer and this also means that Mike can order Harvey (Gabriel Macht) around as now he's the client for the firm. But the first case that they cover quickly leads to a conflict of interest for Harvey and increasing tensions between him and Mike. The arguments between the two increase over time and it's not clear if everything is really just about the work they're doing or something more personal.

This season also has Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) with a bit of a romantic interest in the form of Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside), an SEC prosecutor. The relationship is initially kept secret for the early part of the season, but of course such things have a nasty habit of coming back to bite them.

What I Liked: I kind of enjoyed Mike as an investment banker as it opened the doors for other stories apart from people discovering that Mike never went to law school and all that fun stuff. But of course choosing to go into the direction that Harvey ends up being his assigned legal counsel still trapped us in the usual Harvey-Mike squabbles that has already defined the earlier seasons.

But man, the twist in the middle season rather caught me off-guard since earlier plot developments had fostered a new sense of familiarity and friendship between some of the more antagonizing forces out there. I figured it was going to happen sooner or later but man the way they decided to trigger things felt almost sudden. But the result of that one twist really changed everything.

And man, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) may have the best story arc of all across this season. The end is the real kicker though.

What Could Have Been Better: Sorry, I wasn't happy with the man Jessica ended up seeing in this season. Sure, she clearly maintained the upper hand for the most part and she didn't quite compromise as a character, however things still could have gone better. And the circumstances of his work and how the work situation complicated further all made for weird moments in the show.

And Mike as an investment banker was quite the dick. I know that was sort of the point of things and it made his inevitable return to the firm make more sense, but I really wish they hadn't gone down that route. As much as Mike can be a dick, he isn't always and I'm sure he doesn't need to be all the time either. They just wanted to create way more Harvey-Mike conflict for one reason or another.

TL;DR: The fourth season of Suits focused on really shaking things up and making things more difficult for everyone as things also became more complicated. And how they find a path forward despite all the upheaval is what really defines everyone's stories. Thus the season gets 4 revelations about Harvey and Donna's history out of a possible 5.

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