Jan 5, 2017

[Star Wars] Geeking Out on Ships and Such

After Rogue One, YouTube thought it fitting to continually spam me with various Star Wars related videos as part of my recommendations. And that eventually sent me into a guilty pleasure YouTube cycle of various videos that detail various ships and other military units featured across the old Legends books and the canon movies and material as well.

You may not all appreciate this but I totally got into this aspect of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. I guess it's a bit of a hangover from my love for Battletech or something.

So welcome to my geeky enjoyment over the past few weeks:

All TIE Fighter Types and Variants

All Rebel Starfighters and Wing Ships - Star Wars Explained

Star Destroyers Compared - Star Wars Explained

Every Known Super Star Destroyer in the Empire (Canon/Legends) - Star Wars Explained

All Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Types and Classes

Every Major Superweapon in Star Wars - Star Wars Explained

All AT Walker Types and Variants (Legends) - Star Wars Explained

Every New Ship and Vehicle from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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