Dec 22, 2016

[Movies] 46 Shots Not in Rogue One

It's only normal for the trailers to contain early content for a movie that doesn't make it to the final cut. And given all the hype around Rogue One, you can imagine just how much scrutiny each trailer received from the eager geeky public. There was much discussion about reshoots done to tweak the ending of the film and it seems a lot of bits in the trailers may have come from that older ending.

Gone are scenes showing the rebels running down the beach with the data disc in hand and some earlier tension at the rebel base including our protagonist Jyn in shackles and being very snarky with rebel leaders.

Vimeo user Vashi Nedomansky put together a summary of at least 42 shots featured in the movie's promotional materials that did not make the final cut and it does give us clues as to what that original ending may have been like.

ROGUE ONE - 46 SHOTS NOT IN THE FINAL FILM from Vashi Nedomansky on Vimeo.

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